Research Priorities

1. Tissue culture:

   -Identify pharmacological agents and accelerate angiogenesis inhibitors

   -Identify the plant and accelerate angiogenesis inhibitors

   -Identify new drug targets and compounds effects on various organs of plants in culture

   -Identify factors affecting the ship's systems Co-culture

2. Animal models:

   -Side effects of new drugs on the structure of cells and tissues in the animal's body

   -Identify the side effects of herbal extracts and natural compounds on cellular structure and tissue in the body of the animal

   -Identify and Teratogenic side effects of new drugs and natural compounds on the development of the fetus in laboratory animals

3. Folliculogenesis:

   -Identify the effects of pharmacological agents and their side effects Folliculogenesis process in laboratory animals

   -Identify the effect of plant extracts and natural ingredients affecting the process of follicle formation in laboratory animals.

   -Comparison of the effect triggers ovulation, the ovaries and the uterus and fallopian tube side effect of the structure

4.  Spermatogenesis:

   -The effect of new drugs on spermatogenesis in animal models

   -Check and identify plant compounds affecting spermatogenesis in animal models

   -Natural harmful factors on spermatogenesis in animal models

   -Identification of drugs, natural compounds and harmful to the activity and structure of sperm in culture

5. Sterility: 

   -The effect of plant extracts and natural abortificient in laboratory animals

   -The effect of new drugs on animal models abortificient

   -Identify factors influencing implantation

   -Identify driving factors and inhibitors stem cell differentiation